Bori Facts is a part of canon. This is for hints that either Dan Schneider the shows creator has tweeted or said or for hints that have been dropped in the show.

Shipping NameEdit

The official shipping name is Bori (B/eck and T/ori). However, due to critisism that this name sounds like the word "boring", Bori shippers also call this ship Beri (Be/ck and To/ri) or Teck (T/ori and B/eck).

All About BoriEdit

Bori is the pairing of B/eck and T/ori from the hit Nick Show Victorious. The first met in the Pilot episode when Tori spilled her coffee on Beck and tried to clean it off only making it worst, and resulting in them gazing into each other eyes, only to be interrupted by Jade, Beck's Girlfriend. Because of this moment Jade has been rather distrustful of Tori and aimed to get back at her and spilled coffee on her head during an acting exercise. Later on in the episode Tori got revenge in Alphabet Improv by telling Beck to "Kiss me." and Beck responding with "Little weird...Let's do it." and locking lips with a surprised Jade in the background. That kiss is a major Bori moment and the beginning of when most of us started to ship the couple.
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Bori Centric EpisodesEdit

Episodes centered around the Bori relationship.


Pilot - Beck and Tori kiss.

Beck Falls for Tori - Beck does a stunt for Tori.

Beck's Big Break - Tori does everything to help Beck to get his                                     role back.

Helen Back Again - Beck tried all his best so that Tori will stay at Hollywood                                       Arts.

Tori Goes Platinium - Beck and Tori almost kiss twice.

Opposite Date - Tori and Beck go on a date but insist its not adage by doing                                  things that are the opposite of a date.