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Welcome to the Bori Wiki, your official source for all things Bori!!

What is Bori?

Bori is the pairing of Tori Vega and Beck Oliver from the Hit TV Show on Nick Victorious. Bori is currently, the second most popular pairing, rivaling Bade. It is sometimes referred to as Teck (T/ori + B/eck), Beri (Be/ck + To/ri) or Beckori (Beck + T/ori) by some fans and shippers. Although Beck is Jade's boyfriend, there is some evidence that suggests that Beck and Tori might in fact like each other as more than friends (read more...)

What is Vavan?

Vavan is the real life pairing of Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia. They are best friends. (read more...)


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Bori Photo Gallery is a collection of images of Beck and Tori moments from the show and

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Beck and Tori in Locked Up

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  • Annabethxx50

    Tori stared at Beck and Jade. She watched them lean in for a passionate kiss. Really? Why had Jade get the most handsome boy in the world to love. Wh…

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  • LilMelz

    Acting Getting Real

    September 24, 2012 by LilMelz

    Beck and I were rehearsing our play in front of the class. Andre seemed excited, Robbie seemed happy and Jade was going thorough the messages on her …

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  • Meenabeena610

    bori love

    August 6, 2012 by Meenabeena610

    Tori and beck where in detention today due to the fact they where passing notes yesterday. Detention didn’t worry tori though. What worried her was t…

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  • LilMelz

    Kiss For Consciousness

    July 25, 2012 by LilMelz

    At school by Tori's locker.

    Beck: Hi Tori

    Tori: Hi Beck. What up?

    Beck: (shyly) I was wondering if- (faints)

    Tori: Beck! Beck! Can you hear me?

    (Andre rus…

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