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All Bori-centric fanfictions will go on this page. Please warn in the summary if it has hints of other couples. Please read the rules before further editing.

Title Author Rating Summary
Lessons Learned xoAlmostFamous T Three girls have captured Beck's heart in the past, but only one manages not to break it. Hints of Bat and Bade
Stop the World Chiere K I'm not yours, and your not mine. *Beck&Tori*Bori*. But, we can sit and pass the time. Hints of Bade
Another Bori Comedy limegreenrocks K+ Sikowitz's class plays the ABC game once again. Beck/Tori
The Break Up Kataang1 T Bori. Beck-Centric. Beck loves Jade but does he love Tori more? She backed away. "Choose. Who do you want to be with me or Vega?". Hints of Bade.
Wish Upon A Star a novelist T Beck is throwing a party, and the entire school is invited. But what happens when one of Hollywood Arts' most talented students disappears just outside the party? Crime/Romance
A Strange Event ohsnapitzJess T Tori is a high class cheerleader, who looks down on the school brainiac Beck. When they are flung into an alternate universe, will they learn to be friends and possibly even love?
I Want to Believe In More Than You and Me seemslikeaporno T She just wishes it was over. Beck & Tori, watching the stars fall.Warning: inappropriate language
Just Us seemslikeaporno T She isn't a very good actress. Beck & Tori, oneshot. Hints of Bade.
Love Letters seemslikeaporno T Because passing notes is overrated. Beck & Tori, oneshot.
Everything Changed ramy4eva211 M Everyone was with the wrong person until now EVERYTHING CHANGED. Hints of Cabbie, Jandré and Trinjin
The Bori Alphabet ramy4eva211 K Bori alphabet with hints of Bade
Lost xoAlmostFamous K+ Beck doesn't want to ask for directions, and Tori quotes quotes the movie Anchorman. Beck&Tori. Small hint of Tandre
Angel Marked_TIVA T Tori wasn't supposed to have been hit but still, Tori has died and now she's Beck's guardian Angel. Sort of. She has to help Beck bring her spirit back to the real world before she permanently becomes one. And you can't possibly love a ghost...right? Hints of Candre.
Goodbye Jade, Hello Tori Clelia Fanelle T With Jade gone, will Beck move on to his secret love Tori? Hints of Bade.
The Music or the Misery LuanrStar T Beck pulls his lips away from Tori's neck. "Our little secret, remember?" Tori nods, completely stunned. She feels dirty, and criminal. But why so right? She shouldn't feel that way towards a vampire, especially a taken one . . . Hints of Bade
Keep our secret safe, Victorious H2Ojustaddwatertales K+

Beck is inconsolable and Tori wants to know why. After feeling-revealing visit to the RV, Tori and Beck have to keep a secret. From everyone. But when Jade finds out, will Tori and Jade put their war aside to save Beck?

Hints of Bade and Cabbie.

Their Texts Multi Shipper Girl K+

Beck and Tori never really talk to each other that often and it's because of Jade…but they can by texting each other…

Hints of Bade

Bori crazy writing180 N/A

After Beck breaks up with Jade for Tori, the girl he's liked ever since her first day at Hollywood Arts, Jade tries to get revenge on Tori for "stealing" Beck away.

Hints of Bade.

Another Bori Comedy chasingafterstarlight K+ Sikowitz's class plays the ABC game once again/ Beck/Tori. Jade is jealous.
I am his everything Clelia Fanelle K+ Beck and Tori in love
oh no Clelia Fanelle T What happens when Tori and Beck go to far? Warning: inappropriate content for children under the ages of 9.
Forever After EmoSpongeReptar13 T

A story of Beck and Tori in love


Lemonade DramaticStarlet T Because Tori makes her lemonade from scratch. BeckTori.
Silent Lyrics Marked-TIVA T Beck is the boy who has gone through to much betrayal, but he wants to take a chance with Tori. Tori is the girl who is partially deaf and mute, her family gone, but she wants to try to love something again. Can 2 wounded hearts make 1 beautiful love?
Vindicated DramaticStarlet T There's something beautiful and sad about him that she will always love. BeckTori.
Snow Day YukkiKaname M

(rating changed to be safe)

The Victorious gang goes on a field trip to Montana. But what happens when there is an accident and leaves two certain people to get closer together than after that they are fighting to stay together from an evil witch?

Slight Bade.

Tori and Beck radicalchickster M Tori and Beck spend a few moments along, and discover how they truly FEEL.
Italy mrs.addiecullen M Beck and Jade break up. The gang goes to Italy. What will happen?
A Tori and Beck Story I'mAMusicGirl T Starts after the first episode. Will Tori and Beck come together or not? Rated T just to be safe..
Furtive Touches FreeToLive603 K- K+ Beck finds that Tori has something that Jade doesn't. But with Jade's looming presence, how can he hide this feeling from her?
She Shines Through Lady Unlaced K+ Love. What a tricky, complicated little word.
A New Beginning dramaqueenforsure T After Beck breaks up with Jade, something new begins for him and Tori.
Not Supposed to See Them MagicalButterfly T Tori has a terrible accident and she starts to see weird things. Nobody believes her and she thinks that she has gone crazy. Is she right? Later TorixBeck romance.
Music And Lyrics Annaelle K+

Tori gets assaulted by three guys from her old school, and one of them knocks her up.

Beck is head-over-heels in love with Tori, though she doesn't know.

Will he, André, Cat, Robbie and even Jade support Tori when she finds out she's pregnant?

Hints of Bade, Tandré, Cabbie, Jandré