1. This site is for Bori fans. If you do not like Bori please leave now. People have worked hard on these pages and for you to vandalize it is unacceptable and very immature.
  2. Keep profanity to the absolute minimum.
  3. Do not spam.
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  11. The information on the Fan Representation page must be agreed upon by the community. This doesn't include when listing Bori Songs or TvTropes. When listing an Official Color/Food/Video it must be agreed upon by the community.

Fanfiction Listing

  1. The rating system goes as follows:
  • K suitable for all audiences.
  • T some content may not be suitable for people under 13.
  • M content not suitable for young people.
  1. You can list M rated fanfictions on the Fanfiction Listing page but the summary must be appropriate for all audiences.
  2. Make sure you put the appropriate rating in the column.