Tori stared at Beck and Jade. She watched them lean in for a passionate kiss. Really? Why had Jade get the most handsome boy in the world to love. Why did he love her? Why? She loved him...was it hard to see?

She had kissed him. Tasted his soft lips. Full of love and...passion. They had sugar no one else could produce. Alas, she was not to have such a treasure but if she could, she'd keep it and never let it go. For in her heart, she knew that he...Beck, was the one.

"What's wrong Tori?" Cat asked excitedly. Tori playfully rolled her eyes and shook her head. She stared up, finally glad she had something to take her mind off her undying love.

"Nothing!" Tori said.

Cat raised her eyebrows and threw her vibrant red hair back and shrugged. Cat offered a hand and Tori took it. She really did need some time off the handsome boy.

The next day, Tori got to school an hour early. It was because Trina wanted to rehearse. She was really annoying at times but Tori loved her with all her heart.

Tori walked to her locker and started opening it. Beck came up to her and her heart did immediate flip flops. His hair and eyes and lips and figure...and...his everything. If only he could be hers.

"Tori, I broke up with Jade-" Beck was interrupted by Tori's gasp.

"I was because there was someone else..." Beck continued. Tori's heart sank. Someone else...

"You..." Beck ended. Tori stared in disbelief and displayed three words that brought her what she needed.

"I love you," Tori whispered and wrapped her arms around his neck. Automatically, his went to her waist and he said something that Tori would never forget, "I love you, too."

She smiled and they started into each other's eyes. So mesmerised yet so magical. They leaned in and kissed. What may be the most passionate ever. Better than the first.

They had finally found their lost piece. They had found love.

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