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  • Beck+Tori

    This is how it began

    October 25, 2011 by Beck+Tori

    Chapter 1 Tori’s POV

    I was afraid to walk up to Beck's table, we're friends and friends sit with each other. I looked right into his eyes as he smiled at me, I approached his table then I slipped over a banana peel. Jade just laughed her little head off as Beck came right toward me. He began to stroke my hair even though it had spaghetti sauce in it. Beck called Cat... she came right away. Cat took me to the restroom to wash it all off.

    "Do you like...Beck?" she asked.

    “Why would you ask me that?” I asked back as we left the bathroom.

    “Well you’ve been flirting for the past week!” Cat whispered

    “Really,” I asked her.

    “Yup,” She responded. “I’ll tell you the whole thing if you want me to.” We sat on the stairs and she began to talk.

    “Monday you tr…

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