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    The Kiss of Life

    Sikowitz just announced that they will be having Swimming Class,Beck and Andre was the only one who attended the class cause Jade don't like water,Cat's terrified,Robbie is scared to be embarassed but Tori has no reason....

    At Lunch Beck was at the Janitor's Closet he was staring at Tori then he pulled Andre.


    Beck:You see Tori?

    Andre:Yeah!Tori Vega,she's there

    Beck:I have something to tell you but don't tell anyone,PROMISE!

    Andre:Sure!So what is it

    Beck;I think,I think I'm in love with Tori

    Andre:No,Dude you're kidding me but you can love her she's nice she's----

    Beck:I really don't know, I I think I wanna kiss her so bad!

    Andre:Then why just tell her

    Beck:Yeah! Thanks Dude

    While Beck and Andre were in their swimming class …

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  • Iamvictorious15

    Hey Guys! I decided to make fanfictions but I dunno what pairing will I choose so I just decided that I'll just let you vote okay so here's the choices:

    That's all but if you want a different pairing it's okay....

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