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  • I live in Ya business
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is ya bidness
  • I am female duuh
  • LilMelz

    Acting Getting Real

    September 24, 2012 by LilMelz

    Beck and I were rehearsing our play in front of the class. Andre seemed excited, Robbie seemed happy and Jade was going thorough the messages on her phone.

    Beck: After all these years, I haven't felt right, it hasn't felt the same.

    Me: I know what's going on. Here.

    I had Jungle Worms and I totally forgot about it when I leaned up to kiss him. When I pulled away he ran to the bathroom. The door shut and Jade was laughing. I felt embarassed. Straight after the bell went. I ran to the Boys' bathroom and found him there. I remembered the Jungle Worms and apologized. He forgave me and we kissed again. I offered to get a taxi to my house and nursed Beck.

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  • LilMelz

    Kiss For Consciousness

    July 25, 2012 by LilMelz

    At school by Tori's locker.

    Beck: Hi Tori

    Tori: Hi Beck. What up?

    Beck: (shyly) I was wondering if- (faints)

    Tori: Beck! Beck! Can you hear me?

    (Andre rushes over)

    Andre: What happened?

    Tori: He fainted. No contact involved

    Andre: Beck has a crush on you that's probably why he fainted.

    Tori: I had a crush on him. I know! I'll just- (kneels down and kisses him)

    (Beck wakes up)

    Beck: What just happened?

    Tori: You fainted and I kissed you

    Beck: I love you

    Tori: I love you too

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  • LilMelz

    Phone Call Mix up

    July 25, 2012 by LilMelz

    Beck and Jade were dating at the time. Jade decided to call Beck.

    Jade: Hi Beck (kisses thru the phone)

    Beck: Hi Babes

    Jade: I wanna come over. Can I?

    Beck: Sure

    Jade: (in impersonating Tori voice) I love you Beck

    Beck: I love you too, Tori


    Beck: I'm sor-

    Jade: We are over (Hangs up)

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